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Decriminalization Of Marijuana In New Jersey Starting In April 2018?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Many citizens in New Jersey are excited about the recent election results, especially insofar as how they might impact certain drug offenses and charges in the state.  We’ve discussed the possibility that New Jersey might legalize the recreational use of marijuana before, but since New Jersey Governor-elect Phil Murphy just specifically indicated that he… Read More »

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New York Judge Issues Rule Forcing Prosecutors To Release Evidence Favorable To Defendants

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In a huge victory for criminal defendants charged in New York, on November 6th, New York state’s top judge (Judge Janet DeFiore) issued a new rule requiring judges to forcefully order prosecutors to disclose all evidence that is favorable to the defendant at least 30 days before trial. This step will help to reform… Read More »


New Jersey Takes Step Closer To Criminal Justice In Earning “A” Grade For Bail Reform

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A recent report card released by a national nonprofit that advocates for bail reform indicates that New Jersey’s new bail reform program is working in making progress towards criminal justice. Specifically, New Jersey earned the only “A” grade in the report based on changes that went into effect on January 1; changes which include… Read More »


New Jersey Grapples With Marijuana And Tobacco Laws

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In November, two notable decisions concerning marijuana and tobacco occurred in the state of New Jersey, which will affect the criminal repercussions related to these substances: State Must Reconsider Classification of Marijuana On November 1, a New Jersey appeals court ruled that the state must reconsider its legal classification for marijuana, which is currently… Read More »


Pipeline Protesters Rely On Necessity Defense

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Some of the pipeline protesters who were charged with various crimes while protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline are relying on what’s known as the “necessity defense,” arguing that they had no choice but to commit the crimes they are being accused of in order to prevent a greater harm. In this case, the… Read More »


Lawsuit Challenges Holding Juveniles In Adult Facilities

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of four juveniles who are being charged as adults, with the defendants arguing that housing juveniles in adult detention violates their constitutional rights, including their right to equal protection under the law. The lawsuit is unique in that the county recently requested a report regarding the… Read More »


Terrorism & Criminal Defense

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A new criminal defense issue has arisen in the prosecution of those accused of helping to plot the 9/11 attacks that killed people in the New York, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania—the issue of sleep deprivation. Specifically, according to one former CIA interrogator, equipment is placed in some captive/defendants’ beds in his prison cell, which… Read More »


Indigent Defendants’ Lawsuit Declares Public Defender System Significantly Compromised

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A class-action lawsuit that was just allowed to move forward by a judge in Louisiana could have implications for the criminal justice system around the country. The lawsuit was filed by a group of 13 prison inmates who allege that their constitutional right to counsel was denied due to an insufficiently funded public defense… Read More »


“Psychiatrists Can’t Stop Mass Killers”

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The violent crimes recently committed in Las Vegas have, once again, opened up a debate on what can be done to prevent these senseless massacres. Many politicians and a large segment of the population believe that it comes down to deficient mental health care. However, a recent New York Times article highlights the fact… Read More »


Nature Versus Nurture: Juror Bias Against Criminal Defendants With Mental Disorders

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A new study out of the University of Missouri looks at to what extent jurors assign blame when it comes to criminal defendants with mental disorders. The study sheds light on how society assigns blame and punishment for crime based on why and how defendants acquire mental disorders. While historically, the understanding has been… Read More »

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