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Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7
New City Criminal Defense Attorney
Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7
One of New York's Preeminent Criminal Defense Attorneys Over 25 years of experience protecting the rights of clients living throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania
A New City Criminal Defense Attorney who goes to bat for you Phillip Murphy never takes the easy way out if it's not in his client's best interests, he sticks with you all the way
Don't let a police officer's mistake ruin your life With meticulous preparation and a vigorous defense, we fight to get the best result possible in every case
Keep your license and your reputation safe from a DUI/DWI arrest A drunk driving conviction can be disastrous, but solid defenses and effective solutions are often available.

New City Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Rockland County, NY & Bergen County, NJ

A bad night out, an error in judgment – one stupid mistake can ruin your life. You may not even have done something that deserves to be prosecuted, but without a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side, you may wind up making incriminating statements or pleading guilty to a crime you didn’t even commit. To avoid these negative outcomes, make your first phone call after your arrest a call to Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law. Our experienced New City criminal defense attorney can help you today.

Phillip Murphy has over 25 years of legal experience in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. From his office in New City, Mr. Murphy makes frequent appearances in the Rockland County Court, the Clarkstown Justice Court and all other Justice Courts in Rockland County. Mr Murphy appears frequently in the Bergen County Superior Court and in Bergen County Municipal Courts. He is a well-known figure in those halls of justice. Phil Murphy doesn’t just plead a case to get it over with. He takes each case seriously no matter what the offense and conducts a thorough, detailed review of the facts and law that apply to the case. He takes the time necessary to research the law and craft a strong, effective defense designed to achieve the best outcome in the situation. Contact our New City criminal defense attorneys for more information.

Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout New York’s Lower Hudson Valley and Bergen County, New Jersey in all of the following areas:

DWI & DUI – Drunk driving convictions carry severe penalties that in many ways far outweigh the consequences of more “serious” crimes. The fines for a conviction, when combined with other required fees, surcharges and assessments, can make the cost of a DUI/DWI run well over a thousand dollars, and that is without considering the impact on your car insurance premiums. Moreover, the loss of a driver’s license can wreak havoc on your job and home life. Many things can go wrong in a DWI arrest – for instance, the officer may not have had grounds to pull you over, or the methods or equipment used to determine you were intoxicated may not have been administered properly. We provide a strong defense where the evidence doesn’t support a conviction, or help you avoid the most serious consequences of a drunk driving arrest.

Traffic Violations – You might think of a speeding ticket or other traffic offense as a minor inconvenience, but you might not be thinking of all the consequences that may follow. In addition to being forced to pay a fine that is likely much steeper than you expected, you may also find that your insurance rates skyrocket due to tickets, and you may face the loss of your driver’s license as well. Some driving offenses may even involve jail time as a possible consequence. It may very well be worth it to fight the ticket or charges against you, and you may have several defenses available that an experienced and resourceful attorney can use in your favor. Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law, helps people avoid the most serious consequences of a moving violation ticket.

Theft & Shoplifting – The number of different types of property crimes outlined in state law are legion, and many offenses may be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending upon the value of the item and other factors. Being convicted of shoplifting, theft, or white collar crimes such as forgery or embezzlement, can haunt you for years and affect your ability to get or keep certain jobs, professional licenses or security clearances. Persons accused of property crimes can be the subject of mistaken identity or mistaken intent, and valid, strong defenses may be available. We fight to keep people from being wrongly convicted when the evidence does not support their prosecution, or to obtain a favorable result such as restitution or probation when a trial is not recommended.

Assault & Violent Crimes – Arrests for crimes of violence such as simple assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault and domestic violence, are frequently based on a mistake regarding the facts or intent of the parties involved. In addition, there are often defenses available to an assault charge, such as self-defense, provocation or defense of others. Depending upon the way the facts are interpreted and the case is prepared, an alleged assault can be charged as a simple misdemeanor or serious felony with a potentially lengthy prison sentence and all the negative consequences which can stem from a felony conviction.

Drug Offenses – Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies pour tremendous resources into the arrest and prosecution of people for drug crimes, and even conviction for simple possession can result in lengthy prison sentences and other serious consequences. In their zeal to win the “drug war,” police and prosecutors may not give due respect to an individual’s constitutional rights. Where a drug arrest is based on lack of probable cause to stop or search or other violations, attorney Phillip J. Murphy will fight to get the case thrown out. Many other defenses may be able to fight a drug crime prosecution as well, including lack of knowledge or intent, mistaken identity or unreliable witnesses. We investigate the case and provide the strongest defense available, and work for alternatives such as diversion or treatment programs where appropriate.

Other Offenses – Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law, offers strong, effective defense of other criminal-related matters as well, including juvenile offenses and probation violations. If you have been arrested or targeted as a suspect in any criminal matter, contact our office for a free initial consultation.

In New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, call attorney Phillip J. Murphy for strong, effective criminal defense

From our office in New City, New York, we are well-situated to handle cases throughout the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Phil Murphy is well-known and receives referrals from other lawyers throughout the region. Trust the attorney other lawyers trust when confronted with criminal matters they are not equipped to deal with. Call New City criminal defense attorney, Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law, at 845-639-6600 for a confidential, no-cost initial consultation.

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Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney At Law is located in New City, New York and serves clients in and around New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Contact our experienced criminal defense law firm.
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