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Governor Phil Murphy Promises To Wipe “Thousands” Of Criminal Records


According to a recent announcement from the Governor of New Jersey, clearing your criminal record in Bergen County could soon become easier. Phil Murphy has promised to clear thousands of criminal records with a new clemency program. How does this program work, and how can you take advantage of it? You can ask these questions during a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

New Jersey Clemency Program Described as “Historic” 

In June of 2024, ABC News reported on a new clemency program in New Jersey – describing it as a “historic” measure. Governor Phil Murphy launched the program with an executive order, promising that it could wipe clean “thousands” of criminal records across the Garden State. He also stated that this program is specifically geared toward people who have been “unfairly treated” by the criminal justice system – specifically “people of color.”

How Does This Program Work? 

“Clemency” involves pardons. This is not the same as “expungement,” which involves years of waiting and considerable paperwork. In contrast, a pardon immediately clears your record in a relatively seamless manner. Generally speaking, pardons are much more difficult to obtain compared to expungements. In the past, New Jersey governors have pardoned only a handful of individuals during their tenures. Some did not pardon anyone.

Phil Murphy’s promise to pardon thousands of people is therefore relatively unusual, and its description as a “historic” measure is probably well-deserved.

This program involves the establishment of a “clemency board,” and it prioritizes people who have been “rehabilitated.” In other words, these are people who have moved on from their criminal pasts – becoming contributing members of society. Involvement in the community may also make you eligible.

Governor Murphy specifically mentions victims of domestic violence. These might be people who have committed violent crimes against their abusers, serving long prison sentences for actions that could be described as “self-defense.”

You Could Get a Pardon for Your Drug Crimes in New Jersey 

Drug crimes are a clear focus of this clemency program. Governor Murphy recognizes that many people received harsh sentences during the ill-fated “war on drugs,” and many individuals will be eligible to have their drug convictions pardoned. If you attempted to fight your drug charges in court but lost your trial, this clemency program could be especially helpful.

How Do I Get My Pardon? 

You can check to see whether you’re eligible for a pardon through an online service. However, it may be easier to pursue positive results alongside an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey.

Find an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Bergen County 

If you’re interested in clearing your criminal record in Bergen County, consider a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law can provide meaningful assistance in this regard. Although clearing your record may soon become easier, it makes more sense to avoid a conviction in the first place. Book a consultation today, fight for your rights, and learn more about your options.




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