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Category Archives: Deportation Defense


Administration Announces New “Crackdown” On Violent Crime, But Is It Simply a Front to Arrest More Immigrants

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In late October, President Donald Trump announced that Attorney General William Barr would soon reveal a new initiative to fight violent crime which will be geared towards going after drug traffickers and gangs in high crime cities and dangerous rural areas.  Trump also announced that there would be a new Law Enforcement Commission created… Read More »


New Jersey Officials Question Jailing Immigrants For ICE

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Since the current administration has expanded the scope of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), close to 2,000 immigrants have been placed in county jails in Bergen, Essex, and Hudson Counties alone here in New Jersey. Many are held solely on an immigration violation, which is a civil infraction. This is because the administration altered… Read More »


Be On the Lookout for False Arrest in New Jersey Due To Immigration Status

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In the last seven months, we’ve covered a significant number of topics related to deportation defense precisely because so many people are being arrested—not due to police having reasonable suspicion or probable cause—but simply because they were suspected as being immigrants. While some New York legislators have worked to make progress in protecting these… Read More »


Inherent Flaws in Criminal Justice System Bleed Into Deportation Policies

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The United States continues to mire itself in a complicated web overlapping immigration decisions with those of criminal justice—a criminal justice system that is “infected with racial bias”—ultimately promoting deportation policies based on criminal activity which effectively result in discriminatory policing. While Senators Richard Durbin and Lindsey Graham introduced a revamped version of the… Read More »


Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants with Prior Offenses Who Worked At Ground Zero

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Several New York legislators are working to not only legalize undocumented workers who worked on the rescue, cleanup, and recovery efforts during the aftermath of 9/11, but who also have recently been placed in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities for drug and nonviolent offenses committed long ago—as far back as the… Read More »


Criminalizing Citizens for Both Deportation & Civil Disobedience

By Phillip J. Murphy |

It’s no secret that many people in America are scared are of being deported right at this moment—most of them even though they’ve done nothing at all—others for petty crimes that they paid their dues for long ago. While the Obama administration’s guidelines for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency specified that terrorists… Read More »


Brooklyn Moves to Protect Foreign-Born Citizens Accused Of Petty Crimes

By Phillip J. Murphy |

One by one, various cities are resisting the deportation and/or detention of immigrants charged with certain misdemeanors or nonviolent crimes. For example, just this week, the Brooklyn district attorney’s office promised to seek equal and fair justice for the borough’s vulnerable foreign-born residents. The federal Justice department recently threatened to cut off federal funding… Read More »


The Battle between Local Police Departments, Sanctuary Cities, and ICE in Deportation Crimes

By Phillip J. Murphy |

With all of the confusion that has erupted of late with the current administration arresting and deporting many, many immigrants—including those that have not been convicted of serious crimes—there’s also been a significant amount of confusion over detainers, which are issued to local police departments by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) informing them of… Read More »


New Jersey and New York Immigration Courts Have Highest Backlog of Cases in the Nation

By Phillip J. Murphy |

New Jersey and New York courts are currently backlogged and overwhelmed with thousands and thousands of pending immigration cases as a direct result of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent enforcement activities, as recently reported by NJ.com. Specifically, just through January, there were more than 540,000 pending cases across the county, with more… Read More »

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