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Category Archives: Theft & Shoplifting


What Evidence Will I Face During A New Jersey Shoplifting Trial?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

If you’re facing a trial for shoplifting in Bergen County, you might be wondering what kind of evidence the prosecution has against you. It’s an understandable concern. After all, the outcome of your trial depends heavily on the evidence that the prosecution presents. You are innocent until proven guilty, and the reliability of the… Read More »


What Happens If You Lie About Your Overtime Hours In New Jersey?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Lying about your overtime hours might not seem like a big deal. After all, what’s the harm in adding a few hours to your timesheet at the end of the shift? Perhaps you are working with little supervision, and your employers trust you to report your hours honestly. It’s important to remember that this… Read More »


What To Do After A Shoplifting Arrest In Rockland County

By Phillip J. Murphy |

An arrest after an alleged shoplifting offense in Rockland County can be highly traumatic. This may be your first arrest, and you may have absolutely no idea what to do. The most important thing to remember in this scenario is that you are not alone. The first hours may seem stressful, but soon you… Read More »


Penalties For Organized Theft In Bergen County

By Phillip J. Murphy |

One of the newest concepts in New Jersey criminal law is something called “organized theft.” Numerous states have introduced new legislation and new penalties for these crimes, but many defendants may have no idea what it all means. What exactly is organized theft – and when might you face penalties for these alleged crimes?… Read More »


Receiving Stolen Property In New Jersey: What If I Didn’t Know They Were Stolen?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Retail crime is surging across New Jersey, and this is leading to an increase in the trade of stolen goods. Many people inadvertently purchase these items, often using online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. What happens if you accidentally purchase stolen goods in New Jersey? Could you be charged with a… Read More »


Can I Return Stolen Items After Shoplifting Charges In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Many shoplifters feel guilty about their offenses and wonder if they can return items. These regrets often occur only after defendants have been charged with theft in New York, however. Regardless, it is important to understand what the effect of such actions might be in Rockland County. Will your sentence be reduced if you… Read More »


New York’s “Crimes of Poverty”

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In just the first three months of 2017, the New York Police Department arrested more than 4,500 people for fare evasion and 90 percent of them were black or Hispanic. In 2016, young black men between the ages of 16 and 36 made up half of all fare evasion arrests even though they represent… Read More »


New York City Settles Infamous Kalief Browder Civil Rights & Wrongful Death Case

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In late January, New York City reached a $3.3. million settlement with the family of Kalief Browder, the young juvenile who spent three years detained at Rikers Island without even been tried or convicted after being accused the theft of a backpack at the age of 16, and who also spent most of that… Read More »


Therapists Arrested In New York For Billing Fraud Demonstrate Severity of These Charges

By Phillip J. Murphy |

On October 4, eight therapists were arrested in New York on federal billing fraud charges for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from developmentally disabled children by billing for services that were never provided between 2012 and 2018. According to reports from federal prosecutors, the fraud included forcing the names of parents or… Read More »

Driving Another’s Car Without Permission in New Jersey: What are the Consequences?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Earlier in August, 47 year old Eduardo Huaman of Bergen County was given permission by his boss to retrieve items from the company’s work van. After gaining access to the vehicle, he apparently drove away in it and Mr. Huaman’s former supervisor called the police to report the vehicle stolen. Shortly after the report… Read More »

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