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Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7

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Should I Plead Guilty To Drug Trafficking In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Those facing drug trafficking charges in New York must make an important decision. They can either fight their charges, or they can plead guilty. This choice can affect the trajectory of your criminal case more than any other factor, and you should approach it with caution. Often, the right decision is clear and obvious…. Read More »


What Are Some Examples Of Inadmissible Evidence In A Drug Case?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

When facing drug charges in Rockland County, it’s easy to feel like the evidence is stacked up against you. However, some of this evidence may be inadmissible in court, and it’s important to consider this possibility before making any hasty decisions. Prosecutors may be pressuring you to plead guilty despite knowing full well that… Read More »


Is Not Using Winter Tires Illegal In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Winter tires can help prevent car accidents in New York, especially at the height of winter. Icy and snowy roads can cause all kinds of issues, and many New York motorists are extremely unhappy when they see a motorist who has obviously failed to use winter tires. These motorists may not only put themselves… Read More »


Military Contractors Face Serious Consequences For Shoddy Materials

By Phillip J. Murphy |

New York companies must be extremely careful when doing business with the US military. Although it’s true that the military industry offers many opportunities for lucrative contracts, businesses must do everything in their power to conduct these contracts in a fully lawful and genuine manner. There are many examples of companies that have experienced… Read More »


What Happens If You Create A “Front” Company In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In the criminal world, a “front” is a company that serves only as a veil for illegal activities. The company may seem legitimate at first glance, but its operators are using the organization to conduct unlawful activities. These activities often include money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes. So what happens if you are… Read More »


New York Cracks Down On Illegal Transport Of Aliens

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The immigration crisis in the United States is eliciting a major response from authorities across the nation, and assisting aliens in any way may now lead to serious legal consequences in New York. Two recent cases show that authorities are taking active measures to stop not only the movement of aliens across the state,… Read More »


What Happens If You Spend Disability Benefits On Personal Expenses?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Many people rely on disability benefits to pay the bills, especially in an era of high living costs and rampant inflation. Due to the nature of disabilities, many individuals also rely on their caregivers to spend this money in a responsible manner. So what happens if you start spending disability benefits on personal expenses… Read More »


Can Using Artificial Intelligence Lead To Criminal Charges?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The criminal justice system is always a few steps behind technological progress, and artificial intelligence is certainly no exception. As was the case with the emergence of cryptocurrency or even early firearms, artificial intelligence is so new that the regulation of this technology is almost non-existent. That being said, it is still possible to… Read More »


What Are the Legal Consequences Of Overprescribing Controlled Substances?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In the medical world, “over-prescription” occurs when healthcare entities provide an excessively high amount of drugs to patients. These drugs may be unnecessary, or they may cause more harm than good. The opioid crisis has put this phenomenon in the spotlight, and various healthcare providers may now find themselves facing legal consequences for alleged… Read More »


When Can You Go To Prison For A Pump-And-Dump Scheme In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Pump and dump schemes are quite common in the modern era. Investors are always searching for that next big opportunity, and it’s all too easy for shrewd individuals to take advantage of this craze to offer opportunities that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, most opportunities that seem too good to be true… Read More »

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