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Should I Plead Guilty To Drug Trafficking In New York?


Those facing drug trafficking charges in New York must make an important decision. They can either fight their charges, or they can plead guilty. This choice can affect the trajectory of your criminal case more than any other factor, and you should approach it with caution. Often, the right decision is clear and obvious. In other situations, however, the most optimal path can be difficult to determine. Here are some factors to consider as you decide whether to plead guilty:

What Happens When I Plead Guilty? 

If you plead guilty, you will skip the trial process and proceed immediately to sentencing. There will be no need to determine whether you are guilty, since you will have already admitted to committing drug trafficking offenses. In exchange for admitting guilt, you may experience leniency from criminal courts in New York. This leniency may be implied, and you may simply hope for lighter sentencing.

On the other hand, prosecutors may formalize this leniency with a plea bargain arrangement. In this situation, prosecutors agree to pursue lesser sentences in exchange for a guilty plea. They might also drop certain charges.

What Happens When I Plead Not Guilty? 

If you plead not guilty, you will move forward with a criminal trial. During this trial, your lawyer will attempt to establish your innocence and refute the evidence laid against you. They may argue that this evidence is admissible, unreliable, or false. Perhaps they will cross-examine key witnesses and point out inconsistencies in their accounts. They might also present their own evidence and call upon witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Prosecutors must prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt. If they fail to do this, you cannot be convicted. Even if there is a slight chance that you might be innocent, the jury will be instructed not to convict you of your alleged crime. With all that said, there is always an element of risk associated with criminal trials — and you never know what will happen.

Which Option Should I Choose? 

Each case is slightly different, and the most appropriate decision depends on your unique circumstances. A criminal defense lawyer can help you assess these circumstances in more detail to determine the right choice. That being said, you generally benefit more from plea deals if you face overwhelming, irrefutable evidence. If the evidence against you is less certain, however, it may be worth pleading not guilty and proceeding with a trial.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Rockland County 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced New York City drug trafficking lawyer, look no further than Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants strive for positive results – including those charged with drug trafficking offenses. We know how serious this situation can be, and we are aware of how difficult certain decisions may seem. It may be easier to choose the right path after a consultation with us. Reach out today to get started.




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