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Is There Any Way To Legally Street Race In New Jersey?


Many New Jersey residents are completely unaware of how popular street racing has become in the Garden State. According to various reports, the area around Newark Airport is especially popular for street racers – and a single underground event can draw in hundreds of vehicles. In fact, a recent article by Patch suggests that with so many street racers, police have essentially given up trying to shut these events down. That being said, street racing is still illegal – and you may face serious traffic tickets in New Jersey if you are caught participating.

Specific Municipalities May Have Their Own Street Racing Ordinances 

First of all, it’s worth noting that street racing laws may not be consistent across the entire Garden State. Specific municipalities are free to create their own ordinances against this traffic offense, and some towns have taken action after excessive street racing in their neighborhoods. One example is Wildwood City, which in 2022 created steep fines for anyone participating in unsanctioned speed contests. This was largely a response to 2022’s H2oi Rally, which caused two deaths and many injuries. Other municipalities may have similar ordinances in place.

Some Street Racing Events Are Sanctioned 

With that said, it is certainly possible to participate in sanctioned street racing events. While many assume that all street racing is inherently illegal, some auto enthusiasts go through the trouble of getting permits for various events. Examples include the Silver State Classic, the Long Beach Grand Prix, and the Detroit Grand Prix. If you want to street race legally, you can participate in these events without fear of prosecution. Of course, you could also head to a private race track in New Jersey to experience the same legal protections.

Legal Loopholes for Street Racing in New Jersey 

Although it is hardly a reliable defense strategy, it is theoretically possible to escape street racing charges if you avoid racing on public roads. Most street racing ordinances and laws specifically ban speed contests on public roads. If you happen to access a road section that is not open to the public, you could technically avoid criminal charges.

There have been past cases of street racers specifically seeking out closed road sections for their events. A common choice seems to be a road section that is still under construction. Since these road sections are closed off to the public until completion, they could technically constitute a legal location for unsanctioned street racing. However, this should not read as an endorsement of illegal racing – and this strategy only serves as a potential defense of last resort.

Find a Qualified Street Racing Defense Lawyer in New Jersey 

Although street racing can lead to serious consequences for drivers in New Jersey, you can defend yourself effectively alongside a New City criminal defense lawyer. These legal professionals have a keen understanding of New Jersey’s traffic laws, and they can guide you toward positive outcomes. Book a consultation with Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law today – and start fighting your street racing ticket with confidence.




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