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Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7

Paying Your Traffic Ticket In Rockland County: Pros And Cons


When the average person receives a traffic ticket in Rockland County, they face an important decision: Do they fight the ticket in court, or do they simply pay the fine? Each decision has its pros and cons. Each situation is also unique, leading to different benefits and disadvantages based on your specific circumstances. While it might be worth fighting one ticket, it might make more sense to pay a different infraction. A quick consultation with a New York City traffic ticket lawyer can help you assess these varying factors. 

Benefits of Paying Your Traffic Ticket in New York 

Here are the basic benefits of paying your traffic ticket in New York: 

  • Get It Over With: You might not have much time to think about your traffic ticket. For busy working professionals, the “opportunity cost” of wasted time might outweigh the cost of the ticket. If you simply pay the ticket, you can get on with your life and stop thinking about it.
  • Avoiding Debt: Quickly paying the ticket helps you avoid potential debt. You might tell yourself you’re going to fight the ticket – but you may never actually get around to it. This type of procrastination can theoretically affect your credit score and your ability to secure loans.
  • You Might Get a Discount: In some cases, you get a discount for paying your traffic ticket early. If you’re already intent on paying the ticket, it makes sense to do so as quickly as possible – without even exploring the possibility of fighting it. 

Downsides of Paying Your Ticket in New York 

On the other hand, paying your ticket leads to numerous potential disadvantages: 

  • You Might Get Points on Your License: Paying your ticket does not prevent you from getting points on your license. These points can easily accumulate, making serious penalties more likely if you get future tickets.
  • You’re Basically Pleading Guilty: Paying your ticket is essentially an admission of guilt. It’s like pleading guilty to a crime. If you pay your ticket, you can’t go back in time and try to fight it later. By paying your ticket, you accept any additional legal consequences associated with your alleged offense.
  • Your Insurance Could Go Up: Many motorists experience higher insurance premiums after paying their tickets. Because paying is an admission of guilt, your insurers will see you as an unsafe driver. As a result, they’ll charge you more for insurance.
  • Paying Might Be Unnecessary: Paying your ticket makes no sense if you didn’t do anything wrong. You might have the ability to avoid paying, especially if your ticket is some kind of mistake.
  • You Could Lose Your License: If you already have points on your license, a single ticket could put you over the edge. This may result in an automatic suspension of your license. Losing your driving license can affect your life in many ways. It may prevent you from working, spending time with your family, and much more. 

Find a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Rockland County Today 

It is easier to determine whether to pay your ticket after a quick consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer in Rockland County. Choose Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law to discuss your unique situation in greater detail. If necessary, we can help you fight your ticket.




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