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Penalties For Tranq Possession In Rockland County


One of the newest drugs to appear on the scene in New York is tranq, and many recreational users are already very familiar with this substance. Known in the scientific world as Xylazine, this substance also tends to cause considerable confusion in the criminal justice system. If you are facing penalties for tranq possession in Rockland County, there are a few things you need to understand. While an internet article can help clarify some of these points, a discussion with a drug possession defense attorney in Rockland County may be more effective.

Tranq Is Becoming Extremely Popular in New York 

Tranq is emerging as one of the most popular new drugs in New York. Various reports throughout 2023 and 2024 have highlighted this fact, pointing out that numerous users are using it in a variety of different ways. Aside from Xylazine, tranq is also known as the “zombie drug” in certain circles because of the effect it has on users. Technically speaking, the drug is a tranquilizer created for horses – and this should explain its street name.

Various officials have expressed concerns about this drug. Some point out that it has the potential to cause gaping wounds that fail to heal, and it may also slow a person’s heart to such an extent that it stops beating altogether. Sometimes, burns and skin lesions form – and they can lead to amputations in some cases.

Perhaps the most notable thing about tranq is the fact that it is being mixed with virtually every drug imaginable. These include meth, cocaine, and fentanyl. The latter drug is proving to be a particularly popular mixture because tranq can prolong the normally short high associated with fentanyl.

Back in August of 2023, it was reported that one Republican lawmaker was seeking to criminalize the drug. The lawmaker complained that tranq was completely unregulated, making it 100% street legal to purchase, use, and even sell. In November of 2023, a new bill was filed. In the bill, lawmakers wrote that “the sale and possession of Xylazine in New York state is neither restricted nor illegal in any way.”

Mixing Xylazine with Other Drugs May Lead to Serious Penalties 

Although Xylazine seems to be street legal in New York (as of this writing), one may still face penalties for mixing tranq with other controlled substances. A clear example is fentanyl. In January of 2024, it was reported that a defendant in New York had pleaded guilty to criminal sale of a controlled substance. He had been found with fentanyl mixed with Xylazine – and was sentenced to years behind bars as a result.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Defense Attorney in Rockland County 

If you have been searching for an experienced New City drug crime lawyer, look no further than Phillip J. Murphy, Attorney at Law. We know that newer recreational drugs can cause considerable confusion among both defendants and criminal courts in New York. That being said, tranq may not lead to any criminal penalties whatsoever due to its questionable status in New York. Book your consultation today to learn more.




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