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The Alleged Connection Between Waste Disposal And Organized Crime In New York


One of the most common stereotypes associated with organized crime in New York involves waste disposal, demolition, and labor unions. Put simply, many people believe that these industries have been infiltrated by major crime families. But is there any real truth to this? Is the waste disposal industry controlled by “the mob,” or is this simply a cliche that prosecutors use as an excuse to pursue law-abiding, hard-working New Yorkers?

The Carting Industry’s Struggle with Bid-Rigging is a Thing of the Past 

While there was once a major bid-rigging problem in New York’s carting industry, the issue is mostly forgotten in the modern era. Under this previous system, new waste disposal businesses found it almost impossible to enter the industry. This monopoly caused waste disposal prices to skyrocket in New York as various parties kept costs artificially high. When this “racket” was finally uncovered, waste disposal costs in New York reportedly fell by more than $600 million. If organized crime was so rife in this industry, prices never would have fallen. This crackdown was largely attributed to Rudy Giuliani and the introduction of a competitive bidding system.

Some say that the reforms went too far – robbing average garbage workers of their collective bargaining power and ushering in a “race to the bottom.” The Covid-19 pandemic kicked these workers and unions while they were down – and eventually Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to backpedal. A new system introduced in 2022 will give unions back much of their former power – and it seems that overall power will remain in the hands of the government rather than organized crime.

Ten Alleged Gambino Crime Family Associated Arrested in New York 

On November 8th, the Justice Department announced that 10 associates of the Gambino crime family had been arrested in New York for racketeering, extortion, witness retaliation, and union-related crimes. At the same time, authorities in Italy also arrested a number of defendants. The defendants are alleged to have engaged in various crimes in an effort to infiltrate the carting and demolition industry in New York. The Justice Department describes a string of related offenses, including attacks with hammers and knives. The defendants are also alleged to have secured “no-show” jobs through labor unions – ensuring jobs without any work whatsoever. Bid-rigging was also alleged to have occurred.

However, the Justice Department neglects to mention exactly when any of these incidents occurs. In their press release, there is no indication of whether these crimes occurred decades ago or within the past few years. The only dates provided are linked to extortions, assaults, money laundering, and other offenses that did not occur earlier than 2017. In other words, the press release fails to clearly indicate whether the Italian mafia still has any control over the waste disposal industry in New York today.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in New York? 

If you’ve been accused of associating with organized crime simply because you are involved with the waste disposal industry, you have every right to push back and fight for not only your rights – but also your reputation. There is no reason to believe that someone involved in labor unions or waste disposal is automatically part of the Italian mob. Although it might be true that some aspects of these industries have been infiltrated by certain groups, the waste management industry is a respectable and crucial part of New York’s infrastructure. Book your consultation with New York criminal defense lawyer Phillip J. Murphy to learn more.





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