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What Is The Penalty For An Expired Registration In Rockland County?


Each year, thousands of drivers in Rockland County face consequences for driving with an expired registration. The penalties for this traffic violation may not be clear, and those facing consequences may be wondering if they can fight their tickets. Learn more about expired registrations in Rockland County and your legal options when facing these issues. 

Does Your Registration Renew Automatically in New York? 

Your registration does not automatically renew in New York, and you must manually renew it through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Although the renewal process is very straightforward, it’s all too easy to forget about your upcoming renewal date.

Remember, your registration is not the same as your license plate. Registration takes the form of a special sticker on your windshield. You must also keep the paper certificate in your vehicle at all times.

The cost of renewing a registration varies, and some might be eligible for “no-fee” renewals. If you fall into this category, you will need to visit a DMV office in person rather than renewing online. It is also worth mentioning that many registrations are not eligible for renewal at all. These include licenses that have been suspended, revoked, or expired for more than one year. In addition, you cannot renew a registration for a vehicle that has not been properly inspected in the past year. 

What Happens if I Drive With an Expired Registration in New York? 

The penalties for driving without a valid registration vary depending on several factors. First, you face higher fines if you delay renewing your registration for longer periods. While a registration that has expired for less than 60 days can result in a fine of just $40, this sum rises dramatically the longer you delay. If you procrastinate long enough, you might face several hundred dollars in fines and various surcharges. 

Can an Expired Registration Lead to a Search of My Vehicle in New York? 

In New York, minor traffic infractions do not constitute “probable cause.” As such, police cannot cite your expired plates as a sufficient reason to search your vehicle. However, the expired plates may lead them to examine your driving record in more detail, and they may find records of additional offenses related to license suspension or revocation. If you believe that your search might have been unconstitutional, it’s a good idea to discuss the matter further alongside a criminal defense attorney in New York. 

Consult with a Qualified Rockland County Traffic Defense Attorney Today 

If you are facing charges or traffic violations related to expired registrations in Rockland County, be sure to book a consultation with New Jersey criminal lawyer Phillip J. Murphy today. Although an expired registration may lead to a range of consequences in New York, you are fully within your rights to push back. Doing so may save you from license suspension, fines, and a range of other issues. Book your consultation today to fight your traffic ticket and keep your car on the road.




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