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Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7

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Destructive Devices Are Becoming Common In New Jersey

By Phillip J. Murphy |

According to the ATF, destructive devices are explosive, incendiary, or poison gas weapons. These might include grenades, rocket launchers, mines, and homemade bombs. The latter seems to be growing in popularity throughout New Jersey, with numerous defendants being caught with explosive devices of all types within the past few months and years. If you… Read More »


What Happens If You Don’t Meet Sex Offender Requirements In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

After being convicted of a sex crime in New York, you will likely face numerous requirements. Some of these requirements may seem highly tedious or even unnecessary. But failing to meet them will likely result in serious consequences. A few recent cases in New York illustrate just how serious these consequences can be, and… Read More »


Is Gang Affiliation Enough To Land You In Prison?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

At first glance, it might seem like openly admitting to be a gang member is a sure way to land yourself behind bars. But as long as you aren’t actually admitting that you are committing a specific crime, it may be very difficult for prosecutors to charge you with anything. Of course, authorities in… Read More »


When Does Tax Avoidance Become Tax Evasion?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

It makes sense to lower your tax bill as much as possible. Whether you’re earning minimum wage or you’re raking in millions each year, there’s nothing wrong with exploring legal options to reduce this burden. But with that said, there is a fine line between tax avoidance and tax evasion. The latter may result… Read More »


Courts Can Now Issue Search Warrants For Suspected Animal Abuse In New Jersey

By Phillip J. Murphy |

For the most part, authorities in New Jersey have no right to invade your private residence unless they have an acceptable reason for doing so. And even if they do have a valid reason for wanting to enter your home, they must obtain a warrant before doing so. Unfortunately, courts continue to provide authorities… Read More »


New Jersey Scam Artists Use Ukraine Crisis To Fuel Ponzi Scheme

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Using the Ukraine crisis as a business opportunity may lead to serious criminal charges in New Jersey, especially if the business you’re running is actually a Ponzi scheme. This is an issue that a group of defendants in New Jersey are now facing, and they may spend decades in prison as a result of… Read More »


New Jersey’s New Car Theft Laws Explained

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In July of 2023, Governor Murphy signed several new car theft laws. This effort was aimed at reducing the number of auto crimes in the Garden State – a problem that has led to public outcry for years. Understanding these new laws is important, as it may considerably alter your consequences if you are… Read More »


Alex Mashinsky Arrested For Defrauding Celsius Customers

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Although many crypto insiders were probably expecting Alex Mashinsky to eventually face consequences for his crimes, his arrest on July 13th may still come as something of a shock. This is part of a wider crackdown on crypto-related crimes, and the Justice Department is sending a clear message that people like Alex Mashinsky will… Read More »


What Is The Penalty For Possessing A Short-Barrelled Rifle In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Possessing a short-barreled rifle can lead to serious consequences for gun owners in New York. Even if you are legally allowed to obtain and possess firearms, you may face incarceration if you do not approach short-barrelled rifles in the correct manner. As you will see, it is very easy to face prison time for… Read More »


What Happens If You Assault A Customer In New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

If you work in the service industry, you’ve probably dealt with at least one unruly customer in New York. These customers may be intoxicated, belligerent, or simply upset about something that went wrong with their service. Whatever the case may be, it is important to resist the urge to become violent with customers. If… Read More »

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