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“Blame My Brain”: Criminal Defendant’s Trial Involving Genetic Mutation to Explain Crime Could Set Groundbreaking Precedent

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A criminal case currently in front of the New Mexico Supreme Court could accelerate an important trend in the criminal justice system of using behavioral genetics and other neuroscience to try to explain why people break the law and raise questions as to the severity of their punishment. The defendant– Anthony Blas Yepez—is on… Read More »


New York Judge Closes Weinstein Hearing to Media & Public, Citing Concerns Over Defendant’s Right to a Fair Trial

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In late April, New York State Supreme Court Justice James Burke made an important decision concerning allowing highly inflammatory evidence into Harvey Weinstein‘s criminal trial. Specifically, Judge Burke found that allowing in the evidence that prosecutors wanted in the form of a trial open to the public and media would place Weinstein’s Sixth Amendment… Read More »


New York Blocks Ability for Federal Officials to Arrest Immigrants in State Courthouses Without Warrants

By Phillip J. Murphy |

In a huge win for immigrants and their families, on April 17, the New York State Office of Court Administration issued new rules which block the ability of federal immigration officials (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or “ICE”) to arrest immigrants in New York state courthouses without federal judicial warrants. The rules have a… Read More »


Understanding The Federal Crimes Addressed in The Mueller Report

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The Mueller report was released to the public on April 18, and left a number of Americans completely baffled as to whether the President and those who worked on his campaign committed any federal crimes, including obstruction of justice. Below, we discuss some of the federal crimes and potential charges addressed in the report:… Read More »


Criminal Justice Legislation Affecting Guilty Pleas & Wrongful Convictions Finally Passed In New York

By Phillip J. Murphy |

New York just passed a criminal justice reform package that many are calling “the most important development in the criminal justice system in the last 40 years.” The law requires prosecutors to share evidence that they have collected against criminal defendants within 15 days of the defendant being arraigned. This is expected to significantly… Read More »


It’s Time To Stop Relying On AI-Based Crime Tools, For The Sake Of Civil Rights

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Slowly but surely, more and more police departments are realizing that they must stop using algorithmic-based programs to identify who is most likely to commit violent crimes. These programs have long been a means of labeling people as “chronic offenders“; more as a reflection of personal opinion than actual science; and they have not… Read More »


Prosecutorial Misconduct Is Out of Control and Hurting Innocent People

By Phillip J. Murphy |

We’ve discussed police misconduct before, but what about prosecutorial misconduct? Prosecutors wield a significant amount of power; they are not only responsible for police oversight, but also indictments and pleas. When these powers are abused, it can ruin lives. Today, more than 97 percent of all criminal cases result in plea deals. By the… Read More »


New Jersey Scrapping Cash Bail System & Releasing People Before Trial Is Working, According to New Report

By Phillip J. Murphy |

A new report released in early April highlights the fact that New Jersey scrapping the cash bail system and letting individuals out of jail before trial not only did not result in a crime increase, but has resulted in the state detaining almost half as many people pretrial. Pretrial Release Based On Whether Defendant… Read More »


Major Criminal Justice Reforms Passed In New York Omnibus Bill

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The omnibus deal reached in late March amongst Governor Andrew Cuomo and leaders of the New York State Legislature include important criminal justice changes here in New York–such as cash bail and criminal discovery reform–as well as a defendant’s right to a speedy trial. Specifically, the legislation eliminates cash bail for misdemeanors and non-violent… Read More »

shutterstock_1148801129 (1)

New Jersey Decriminalizes Aid in Dying, But What Does It Cover, Exactly?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

New Jersey recently decriminalized medical aid in dying, although the issue remains controversial for some, who are concerned that the legislation not mandating that family of the patient first be notified could end up introducing abuse into the system. The law—titled “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act”—now makes New Jersey the 8th… Read More »

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