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Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7

Monthly Archives: March 2021


Can You Go to Jail for Violating New Jersey’s Fishing Laws?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in New Jersey, and for many individuals it is their main source of income. New Jersey is one of the most sought-after fishing destinations in the nation, despite its small size and dense population. There are many places to go fishing in New Jersey, and a… Read More »


New Bill Would Eliminate Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Nonviolent Offenses in New Jersey

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Most people can agree that nonviolent crimes should not be placed in the same general category as violent crimes. The intent to harm someone else is very different than trying to make a quick buck by bending the rules, driving without proper insurance, or stealing food in order to feed your family. In New… Read More »


Penalties for Fraud During Covid-19 Are More Severe In New York

By Phillip J. Murphy |

The severity of legal consequences can depend on many factors. Obviously, penalties vary depending on which specific crime was being committed. They may also vary based on who was being victimized, as hate crime laws can result in stiffer penalties for racially-motivated crimes. The frequency of the crime can also impact the penalty, as… Read More »


New Jersey Experiences Spike in Homicides

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Homicides are on the rise in New Jersey, and experts are struggling to figure out why. If you have been accused of a murder in New Jersey, you are part of a surge that has seen the homicide rate climb by as much as 23% in 2020 and beyond. The statistics are quite confusing,… Read More »


The Most Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

By Phillip J. Murphy |

If you’re facing a serious criminal charge in New York, you might be wondering what the best strategy might be. The options are almost limitless for defendants in the Empire State, although the best strategy is obviously the one that provides the best legal outcome for you. Of course, you should always consult with… Read More »


Being Charged with Dumping Toxic Waste in New York

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Sanitation is incredibly important in a densely-populated state like New York, and this is why there are such strict rules against dumping prohibited waste. Without these laws, our state would quickly become overwhelmed by individuals and companies recklessly dumping all kinds of waste wherever they pleased. But what happens if you have been charged… Read More »

shutterstock_1148801129 (1)

Is Public Nudity a Crime in New York?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

To some extent, it may seem completely unreasonable that nudity is a crime anywhere. After all, there is nothing strange or unnatural about the human body. That being said, people in New York may face criminal charges for being naked in public. The exact laws on this matter are somewhat complicated, and there are… Read More »

shutterstock_1079575094 (1)

Can You Go to Jail for Tax Evasion in New Jersey?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Tax evasion is perhaps one of the most “understandable” crimes in all of history. Throughout the many thousands of years of human society, average workers have always been required to pay tribute to some higher authority. In the past, these payments went towards Roman emperors, kings, or even local warlords. Today, we instead pay… Read More »

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