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Free Consultations Calls answered and returned 24/7

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CTE Posed As a Viable Defense for Murder

By Phillip J. Murphy |

It’s an idea that has captivated those who fight for justice for criminal defendants: the evidence put forth by studies which definitively demonstrate that the degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), could effectively cause its victims to suffer from insanity. Coverage of the issue has made headlines of late based on the case… Read More »


Thousands of New York Criminal Cases Relied On DNA Testing Techniques Now Under Scrutiny

By Phillip J. Murphy |

DNA evidence has been considered a valuable tool in criminal investigations over the last three decades or so; especially when it comes to persuading judges or juries. Yet while something such a semen or blood can be linked to one person specifically, when the DNA material is just a few skin cells, for example,… Read More »


New Jersey Urges Supreme Court to Allow Decriminalization of Sports Betting

By Phillip J. Murphy |

New Jersey stands a good chance of winning its argument that sports betting should be legal when the U.S. Supreme Court hears the case this fall. Although the state has been prohibited from sports betting after missing the 1991 deadline, in filing its brief in late August, New Jersey put forth a strong argument… Read More »


Cases Dismissed After Video of Police Planting Evidence Found

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Over a hundred criminal cases involving drug-related felonies and weapons possession—cases which relied on testimony from three officers found planting evidence—are currently under review due to suspected planted evidence by police officers. The video exposing the officers’ behavior—evidently taken in January and released in July—shows an officer placing a bag of white capsules in… Read More »


Jury or Judge?

By Phillip J. Murphy |

As highlighted by a recent article in Staten Island Real-Time News, criminal defendants who go to trial usually have to choose between being judged by a jury of their peers or by a judge. Most rightfully choose a jury of their peers, as the collective wisdom of 12 individuals randomly selected from the population… Read More »


Murder Charges for Bronx Police Sergeant May Highlight New Prosecution Trend

By Phillip J. Murphy |

By now, most New York citizens have heard about the New York City police sergeant (Hugh Barry) who fatally shot an older, mentally ill woman (Deborah Danner) in her Bronx apartment last October. Following his arrest and months of investigation into the incident, on May 31st, Barry was charged with murder in connection with… Read More »


Criminalizing Citizens for Both Deportation & Civil Disobedience

By Phillip J. Murphy |

It’s no secret that many people in America are scared are of being deported right at this moment—most of them even though they’ve done nothing at all—others for petty crimes that they paid their dues for long ago. While the Obama administration’s guidelines for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency specified that terrorists… Read More »


Using Algorithms to Sentence “Criminals”

By Phillip J. Murphy |

On May 1st, the New York Times published an eye-opening article about emerging software programs that are actually sending people to prison, and the strain that this is place on the justice system. While this may sound like a chapter out of a science fiction novel, in fact, individuals have already been sentenced to… Read More »


When Children Are Tried As Adults

By Phillip J. Murphy |

Many people remember hearing about the terrible Slender Man stabbing incident in 2014, when two 12-year-old girls allegedly lured their friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times, purportedly out of a belief that a fictional character known as the “Slender Man” made them do it. Both of the girls accused of the… Read More »


Bergen County Judge Weighs Probable Cause For Criminal Complaint against Governor Christie

By Phillip J. Murphy |

During the week of February 9th, a Bergen County municipal court judge is supposed to consider new evidence and rule as to whether probable cause exists with regard to a criminal complaint alleging that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie committed official misconduct during the 2013 George Washington Bridge lane closures. The criminal complaint was… Read More »

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